About ArcStore

Arc & Flame Resistant Clothing

ArcStore specializes in distinctive electric arc and flame resistant garments for use in hazardous environments where electrical or flash fire safety is a concern. An electric arc's explosive nature can "break open" the outer layer of clothing and ignite even natural fibers in under layers. Now you can be confident in the most comprehensive level of protection when working with or around electrical equipment and other hazardous electrical environments.

Arc Proof Clothing

ArcStore is your exclusive source for guaranteed arc and flame resistant hair nets and beard nets for food processing and clean room environments. Our ArcNet products will not melt or drip in the event of an electric arc like some "flame resistant" versions made of polyester or nylon. They meet the specifications cited by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70E) and OSHA and cleanliness requirements of the FDA regulations when cared for and laundered properly.

We Want to Keep Your Workers Safe

If your workers need arc flash and electrical safety training, visit our sister company e-Hazard, they offer nationwide electrical safety training classes - View Schedule

Electrical Safety Training Courses

About e-Hazard

Established in 2004, e-Hazard offers a full suite of arc flash and electrical safety training, arc flash studies, and consulting services. Our electrical training courses are designed specifically for the end-user and are used by more NFPA 70E committee members than any other. e-Hazard's clients include more than 500 utilities in the US and abroad, Fortune 100 manufacturers, several branches of the US government, and electrical contractors.

Mission: We help people who work around electricity go home safely to their families.

Visit e-Hazard for more information.