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Bra Sizing Chart

To ensure a precise fit, make sure to take an accurate measurement when choosing a new bra. Many factors can affect your measurements - your current bra, breast firmness, the broadness of your back, the narrowness of your shoulders, etc. These and other factors can give you a false bra size. Size 38 and up, the band size should be the closest higher even number to your actual measurement. For example, a 41.5" is a 42 band. A 41" measurement is a 42 band.

STEP 1: Rib Cage Measurement (RC)

Measure snugly around the ribcage, directly under the bust, check in the mirror to make sure that the tape is not twisted across the back and is level. Expel all the air from your lungs, so you are making yourself as small as possible. Pull the tape snug but not tight.

Hint: If the number is odd, round down to the closest even number.

Rib Cage Under Bust Band Size
27 -28 1/2" 32
29 - 30 1/2" 34
31 - 32 1/2" 36
33 - 34 1/2" 38
35 - 36 1/2" 40
37 - 38 1/2" 42
39 - 40 1/2" 44
41 - 42 1/2" 46
43 - 44 1/2" 48
45 - 46 1/2" 50

STEP 2: High Bust Measurement (HB)

High Bust Measurement (HB): Measure across the high bust area just below the armhole, but above the bust. On some women this measurement will cause the tape to not be quite level. Do the best you can, holding the tape comfortably snug but not tight. Make sure the air is expelled from the lungs and keep the arms down, as having the arms raised will cause the reading to be smaller than it really is. Write this high bust measurement down.






STEP 3: Full Bust Measurement (FB)

Full Bust Measurement (FB): Measure directly across fullest part of the bust over the nipple area with arms at sides and standing erect. Just tighten it enough to keep the tape from sliding. Look in the mirror, is the tape straight? If one breast is larger than the other, and that's not unusual, try to hold the tape out to equal the larger. Write this full bust measurement down, too.






STEP 4: Cup Size (CS)

Cup Size (CS): Subtract the High Bust from the Full Bust measurement. This difference is your Cup Size. FB - HB = CS .... with 1" being A cup, 2" being B cup and so on. See the chart. If the difference is partway between 2 numbers, go by the larger cup size. We will send you three bra sizes to try on.

Difference Between Full Bust And High Bust Cup Size
Less than your High Bust AAA
The same as your high Bust AA
Up to 1"(2.5 cm) A
Up to 2" (5 cm) B
Up to 3" C
Up to 4" D
Up to 5" E
Up to 6" F
Up to 7" G
Up to 8" H
Up to 9" I
Up to 10" J
Up to 11" K
Up to 12" L

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