ArcNet Hair Net

Arc Flash and Flame Resistant Hair Net

Ideal for food processing or clean room environments, this roomy hairnet provides arc and flame protection to 2.4 cal/cm2. Made of soft Nomex® knit from DuPont®, our hairnet provides superior comfort and meets new ASTM F 1506 requirements. (Item: 004ARH)

ArcNet Hair Net (20 inch) $31.35
ArcNet Hair Net (24 inch) $33.47

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Product Overview

Our ArcNet Hairnets and Beard nets are a special help to food processors and manufacturers with clean rooms. These roomy hairnets and beardnets provide arc and flame protection to 2.4 cal/cm2. Made of soft Nomex knit from DuPont, they fully meet the new ASTM F 1506 requirements (NFPA 70E Article 130.7 (c)(3), "If employees use hairnets and/or beardnets, these items must be non-melting and flame resistant"). Only arc rated hairnets meeting ASTM F1506 meet this requirement. In addition, they meet the specifications cited.

ArcNet products will not melt, drip or support combustion in the air when exposed to extreme heat or flame and meet safety and cleanliness requirements of FDA regulations when cared for and laundered properly. The ArcNet Hair Net features a unique channel design so skin is not directly exposed to the elastic band.

The ArcNet Hair Net is Machine washable. No bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets are recommended.

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